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You can’t find a fixing company more qualified

Reliable repairs in Woodbridge. Having trouble with your appliances? Want to get them up and running smoothly as soon as possible? The F.Q.A.R. appliances fixing team is well-known for fast and efficient services in Ontario including Woodbridge with its surrounding areas. Our 24-hour phone line enables our friendly customer agents to answer each call promptly. Catching up with the latest technology, our certified technicians provide proficient services on advising, diagnostics, and maintenance. Rest assured when you choose F.Q.A.R. staff as your repair partner for all residential needs. We promise, you won`t be disappointed.

Service Area


Array of top services. Our Woodbridge experts are dedicated to delivering fast technical support.  Whether at your or our facilities, we`ll make every effort to ensure each customer is fully satisfied. We carry out the following services:

  • installation;
  • reviewing;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • restoring of functions;
  • major and minor repairs.

Call us and let our knowledgeable agents answer all your questions. Fixing appointments around your busy schedule are guaranteed.

  1. Fridges & freezers. A refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances in each household that runs 24/7. On the occasion your cooling unit quits working, you are likely face a high level of stress and costly expanses. But don’t panic! Our specialists know how to tackle any common fridge or freezer failure in no time. F.Q.A.R.`s staff will give you the care you deserve.
  1. Dishwashers. With our expertise, we’re dedicated to providing each customer with quality dishwasher service at the best value. Your device will work even better than at the first day after purchasing. From Amana to Bosch and Whirlpool, we are quite familiar with most makes and models. We`ll get your dishwashers in peak condition again.
  1. Dryers. Dryer failures happens for a variety of reasons, including incorrect installation, violation of safety requirements or simply worn out parts. Dryer damage often occurs unexpectedly and can wreak havoc on your home. Hence we strongly recommend to schedule a regular maintenance for your drying machine. Still, if the device is already acting up, don`t waste a moment hiring one of our skilled fixer. Our team of caring professionals is always here to extend the lifespan of dryers.
  1. Stoves & ovens. When it comes to dealing with a dysfunctional stove or oven, there’s no such thing as “too complicated” or “too small” work for our handymen. We take on every task in order to provide local residents with delicious home-made dishes. We strive for keeping the tradition of family dinners. If you`re interested in hassle-free cooking, contact our stove repairmen today.
  1. Washers. It could be very stressful when your washing machine is operating poorly or won`t start at all. That`s why our local repair colleagues strive to offer the same /next day service with a focus on skilled professionalism. We are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether a leakage or broken motor, depend on us.


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Efficient repairs in just one visit 

Local repair specialists. Are you living in Waterloo, Ontario, and in need of a dependable repairman to provide you with top quality repairs? Call or email your local F.Q.A.R. fixing department and our expert team will offer you affordable solutions to common appliances issues. Our expertise and knowledge of residential needs separate us from other competitors. Whether your stove is acting up or you’re in need of dryer maintenance, we have your back. Incomparable prices and results are guaranteed.

Service with Care.  Our technicians have loads of spare parts and new tools at their disposal. With years of experience and dozens of successfully completed repairs, they excel in servicing such major household appliances as:

  • fridges and freezers;
  • dishwashers;
  • washers;
  • dryers;
  • stoves and ovens.

We’ve identified the most common machine failures and offer well-thought-of solutions to them. So, don`t waste a moment contacting us, if you`ve noticed any of the following signs of dysfunctions:

  • leakages;
  • noises;
  • bad odor;
  • inaccurate temperature;
  • off-balance;
  • stops mid-cycle;
  • won’t agitate or spin;
  • runs all the time, etc.

These and other common failures can be eliminated by our reputable repairmen. If you would like additional information, please feel free to visit the Website.

Fast & nonetheless effective. We invite residents of Waterloo to take advantage of our services. The experienced team of technicians is knowledgeable, and prepared to provide you with in-time repairs, maintenance and installation. Our goal is to complete the work in just one visit without affecting the quality. We are proud to supply quick repairs at affordable prices. Our experts ensure to provide you with prompt responses. In addition, before repairmen begin any job they`ll inform you about an estimate. Quality results in time fashion are possible, when true experts get down to business. Save yourself a lot of money, time and hassle.

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5 more reasons to choose us. There are a number of good reasons to choose the F.Q.A.R. appliances company as your partner for all household needs. But according to numerous reports from loyal clients, our biggest advantages are:

  • quality-price-ratio;
  • easy booking;
  • trustworthy staff;
  • discounts;
  • 24/7 support.

Extend the lifespan of your equipment by booking a visit of the recommended service #1 in Canada. We are geared toward your immediate needs.

Entrust your appliances to repair Xperts. Residents of Waterloo can rest assured knowing that licensed F.Q.A.R. professionals are ready to get their devices back in operation whenever required. Each of our specialists can easily detect causes of the problem suggesting the best course of actions. We work on all brand and models ensuring an honest estimate. Speak with our friendly customer agents today to learn more about services. Call now and receive an appointment at time convenient for you.



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Repair service with Care

Can’t find a company more qualified. Located in Waterdown, F.Q.A.R. fixing center is a reputable installation, maintenance & repair provider for all major appliances needs. Is your ‘happy hour’ not so happy due to malfunctioning dishwasher or broken down fridge? Don`t worry. We can handle any appliance issue in time fashion. Rely on certified technicians at any time of the day. We work 24/7 around your schedule. Simply give us a call or email.

Services offered. F.Q.A.R.`s workmanship in Waterdown is specializing in carrying out an array of advanced services for such electrical & gas units:

  • refrigerator;
  • freezer;
  • dishwasher;
  • oven;
  • stove;
  • washing machine;

From insignificant leakage to burn out motor, highly skilled handymen can find an appropriate solution that will match your expectations. Multiple Canadians choose us for:

  • timely services;
  • fair prices;
  • flexible scheduling;
  • friendly agents
  • expert advice.

Dishwasher problems. When you find out that your machine is dysfunctional, leaking or has stopped working at all, we`ll head over to your house and eliminate the trouble in no time. Models & brands don`t matter. Whether Bosch, Kenmore or Whirlpool, our experts are familiar with all makes.  Realistic assessment of the amount of fixing work and the required time is provided.

Service Area


Refrigerator needs. Are you looking for competent fridge & freezer experts? Then you are at the right place. Each member of our sophisticated staff excels in top quality servicing. The F.Q.A.R. service station delivers fast solutions for poorly working appliances. We understand the potential loss that can occur as a result of malfunctioning fridges. That`s why our workmanship makes every effort to avoid costly damages.

Dryer failures. Does the dryer take long to dry clothing or linen? We know, that an insufficiently functioning dryer is time-consuming. Moreover, it contributes to high electricity bills. By booking regular diagnostic, you can save yourself money in the long run. Let our handymen provide you with the best dryer testing. After examining your machine, our agents will offer a well-though-of course of actions. Together we can get your favorite appliance running properly again.

Any oven issue? If you are experiencing cooking problems, dysfunctional cooktop or temperature issues, hire one of our reputable technician. Recommended specialists in Waterdown obtain the skills to help each client out with complicated stove & oven breakages. We supply repairs on all common brands. Even when emergency assistance is needed, you may recon with certainty on us.

Washer servicing. Our fixing company gained a reputation as a trustworthy partner for all washer needs. Instead of buying new washing machines choose local professionals for affordable fixing. We keep competitive prices and outstanding level of performance for our loyal customer around the country. So, if you want dependable results at honest quotes, get in touch with our local representatives via phone or email.



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F.Q.A.R. repairmen pinpoint trouble issues at once 

Unionville service department. Appliances are an essential part of the household. Thus, you need them to be completely reliable. When a dryer, washer or fridge breaks down, you experience a great deal of inconvenience. F.Q.A.R. fixing company came to Unionville, Ontario, to meet appliance residential needs. With our expertise and a hundred of stations around the region, we guarantee hassle-free, quick and proficient repairs. Our well-versed technicians are specializing in maintenance of the next units:

  • fridge & freezer;
  • dishwasher;
  • oven & stove;
  • washing machine;

Services offered. We provide a variety of services for your major cooking, drying and cooling devices:

  • correct installation;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • restore of functions;
  • replacement of elements/button/motors;
  • accurate diagnostic;
  • major and minor repairs.

We are aimed at fulfilling your needs in just one visit, saving both your time and money. Knowledgeable technicians and electricians excel in suggesting the best courses of actions. Rest assured, because our handymen take every precaution to treat your appliances and home with care and respect that you really deserve.

Service Area


Issues we solve. Our courteous specialists are continuously improving their skills. They have all the capabilities to perform repairs on the completely broken down machine, even if other service teams refused to fix it. Unlike other companies, our reputable staff succeeds in handling a great variety of appliance problems, e.g.:

  • washers: leaking, not spinning, off-balance;
  • dryers: overheating, not drying;
  • ovens: inaccurate temperature, elements burnt out, cracked cooktop;
  • fridges: not cooling, running all the time, won`t start, etc.

Unless you`ve found the issue your appliance has, don`t worry. Simply get in touch with our local representative and get expert advice for free. We are pretty sure that can exceed your expectations by carrying out repairs properly.

Prompt responses. Each member of our team is trained to deliver fast help without affecting the quality. F.Q.A.R. workmanship in Unionville works around client`s schedule 24/7. Our customer agents strive to answer each phone call and email as soon as possible. We are familiar with the newest technical advances. This means there is neither too big nor to small job for us. We take on every work and complete it correctly in time fashion.

Competitive prices. With our up-front pricing, you don`t have to worry about any surprises when you get the final repair bill. We give you the full estimate of works that are going to be performed before our agent opens the tool box. We ensure, you won`t find a better quality-price ratio in Ontario.

Let us help. No matter what brand or model you have, let experts at F.Q.A.R. service center be your first choice for appliance installation, maintenance and repair in Unionville. Give us a call to set up an appointment at any time convenient for you. Our reliable specialists are here to help your household appliances run well again.



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Find out if your appliance woes have a simple solution 

Beneficial services nearby. The F.Q.A.R. appliances service center in Thornhill, Ontario, ensures the trustworthiness of local repairmen. We take care of each customer providing a great variety of services to their advantage:

  • repairs of major household appliances;
  • proper installation;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • 24/7 support;
  • expert advice;
  • upfront pricing;
  • flexible scheduling.

Entrust your appliances to us and get them up and running smoothly in time fashion. From now on, prompt and on-site service is available in your town too.

Is your washer acting up? A broken washer is a nightmare for many housewives. With a washing machine that’s not operating properly — or at all — your household can quickly become buried in dirty socks, T-shirts and linen. But don’t worry: all common and complicated washer issues can be repaired by our sophisticated handymen in Thornhill correctly.  Brand-new tools enable our colleagues to deliver the first-class servicing. 

Find your reliable dryer fixer. Problems like a dryer, one that doesn`t heat up, or is overheating may have you worried about having to run out and buy a new unit. But our specialists at F.Q.A.R. department are pretty sure that they are able to put up your older device hassle-free, quick and inexpensive. Simple let one of our courteous repairmen take a look at your machine. He`ll figure out causes of the problem and suggest the best course of action that would match your budget and expectations.

Service Area

Richmond Hill
North York

Noticed any warning sign of oven malfunctioning? If yes, don`t hesitate to contacting your local F.Q.A.R. service department. We can send a stove & oven specialist out to your home the same day. Our agents understand the importance of these appliances and thus make every effort to provide the emergency help at any time. Due to our expertise, the tradition of family dinners will continue without any disruption. Your cooking appliance will operate in peak condition again.

Is the refrigerator not cooling enough? It`s difficult to underestimate the role of fridges and freezers in our life. They are supposed to store home-cooked meals, products and favorite beverages. However, when they work poorly, the food goes bad and we face costly repairs. F.Q.A.R. appliances service staff came to Thornhill in order to provide local residents with affordable servicing around the clock. Our competent colleagues excel in well-thought-of solutions regardless of the brand and model.

Professional dishwasher maintenance. If other repair teams would say “We can’t fix it”, our workmanship will always reply “Bring it on!”. As the most reputable repair company in the region, you can be assured that we will show up on time and get your dishwashers fixed cost-effectively. Our knowledgeable representatives can inform you regarding our services, prices and possible appointments by phone or email. We work around your busy schedule. Repairs have never been easier before. Check it out for yourself.



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F.Q.A.R. repair service in Stouffville: quick, affordable & efficient 

Why choose us. While there are many other fixing companies located throughout Ontario, the F.Q.A.R. appliances service team knows how to meet residential needs of local residents properly. We`ve used to think in terms of our features that successfully separate us from the competitors. Here are some good reasons for giving preference to our service:

  • certified technicians;
  • fast service;
  • reliability 24/7;
  • fair prices;
  • friendly customer agents;
  • flexible appointments.

Ovens & stoves. Regardless of the manufacturer and model, all common makes of electric and gas stoves and ovens can be maintained by our skilled handymen. They can improve the efficiency of your cooking appliances and thus save you money in the long run on monthly utility bills. In any event, experts at F.Q.A.R. service station are familiar with all facets of stove installation, restore, review and maintenance.

 Service Area

Mt Albert

Dryers. Don`t waste a moment contacting dryer technicians in Stouffville. In you`ve noticed the first warn sign of malfunctioning, give us a call. We can quickly diagnose the problem and recommend the right solution. Owners of drying machines can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done correctly. We excel in solving various problems when e.g.:

  • clothes are still wet after the drying cycle;
  • dryer doesn’t start;
  • loud/squeaking noises;
  • won`t heat up/gets too hot;
  • drum doesn’t spin, etc.

Washers. Having troubles with the washing machine? Don`t worry. From a small leakage to complicated break down, our specialists in Stouffville can help you. We realize how you depend on your machines to do laundry whenever needed. And when the unit start acting up, it causes a great deal of inconvenience. Our courteous workmanship can eliminate the issue in no time ensuring the first class quality of repairs. Whether a front-loading or stackable machine, rely on our competence.

Dishwashers. We know how to do the washing-up more convenient and easier even for those families with a dishwasher. By offering a regular maintenance plan, F.Q.A.R. professionals guarantee the extended lifespan of your machines. If there is any damaged part, we`ll take care of it for you. Remember, that well-working dishwashers:

  • use less water, electricity and detergent;
  • clean properly;
  • aren`t leaking onto the floor.

If you`re interested in having an efficient appliance, hire one of our courteous handymen.

Fridges & freezers. A broken down refrigerator or malfunctioning freezer can put an entire household in jeopardy. F.Q.A.R. service staff won`t let it happen. We make every effort to avoid costly repairs by acting quickly and nonetheless accurately. Our technicians are dependable to respond to your specific needs. Before a repairman starts any work, he`ll provide you with an estimate of repairs that are going to be done. No hidden fees and recurring problems are guaranteed. Get in touch with our local representative via phone or email today. Get your appliances back in operation.


Stoney Creek

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Stoney Creek as a new repair center of the country 

Get in touch with experts today. For professional appliance repair services, contact your F.Q.A.R. department in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Simply give a call or email your neighborhood certified technicians and get the same or following day service. We are familiar with most makes, models and styles of major household appliances and have the expertise to fix a wide range of problems. When you contact our experienced workmanship, you can be assured that the issue will be diagnosed and solved quickly.

Fast & efficient service. Our well-equipped handymen have a large inventory of spare parts at their disposal to ensure that repairs and replacements if required are done the first time. Whether in the downtown or on the outskirts –  our handymen can head over to your apartments at the earliest convenience. F.Q.A.R.  specialists are able to carry out repairs either at our or at your facilities without affecting the quality. They ensure that can complete the job within the shortest possible time.

Service Area


Problems we can solve. Repair specialists in Stoney Creek provide an impressive array of services including repairs of such major units as the dryer, oven & stove, fridge & freezer, dishwasher and washer. They are specializing in professional diagnostic and restoring of functionality. Moreover, our highly skilled agents excel in preventive maintenance. We strongly recommend this service to every client. This ensures that possible failures will be found out in due time and solve proficiently. Still, if the machine is already broken, don`t panic. Whether the machine won`t unlock, runs only short cycles or makes noises – we have the capabilities and knowledge to handle any issue. From the worn out motor to damaged buttons, depend on our competence.

Our advantages. F.Q.A.R. fixing company with almost 100 service stations throughout Ontario province has gained a reputation as a reliable partner for all residential needs. We`ve achieved such great results owing to the hard work and continuous self-improving. We take care of each client providing his or her with a package of benefits:

  • flexible booking;
  • upfront pricing;
  • friendly customer agents;
  • 24/7 support;
  • prompt responses;
  • discounts;
  • first class service.

From Bosch to Whirlpool, our trained staff can walk you through fixing process hassle-free and at affordable rates.

Save money. Entrust your favorite appliances to F.Q.A.R. specialists and get devices that operate in peak condition. Remember, that well-functioning machines are more efficient and thus use less energy, water and gas. We`ll extend the life expectancy of your dryers, washers, ovens, etc. Don`t worry about hidden fees. After a proficient testing you`ll be informed about an estimate of the repairs that are going to be carried out. Only with your approval, our colleagues will start the work. Community of Stoney Creek can have the peace of mind knowing that their household appliances are in safe hands.



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Worry-free repair experience in Schomberg 

Why choose us. No one will argue that it is hard to find a reliable repair service. This kind of problem is especially familiar to residents of villages. But the community of Schomberg, Ontario province, had a stroke of luck, because F.Q.A.R. appliances repair company came to their town. With almost one hundred locations across Ontario, you can entrust your major electrical and gas appliances to the local F.Q.A.R. department. There are many good reasons why calling our certified technicians is the best choice when repairs need to be done:

  • we deliver support 24/7;
  • our handymen are certified and well-equipped;
  • we guarantee fast and nonetheless effective services.

F.Q.A.R. services. With a professional approach, our dedicated staff can meet all customer needs properly. They have the expertise to get a great variety of things done correctly in time fashion. Here we`ve prepared a list of our most popular service:

  • installation;
  • diagnostic;
  • restoring;
  • review;
  • maintenance;

Each member of our team excels in delivering the first class service of such technical units:

  • dryer;
  • freezer;
  • washer;
  • fridge;
  • dishwasher;
  • oven;
  • stove, etc.

From customer agents to courteous electricians, you can expect an exclusive service that will exceed your expectations.

What can we solve. Don`t spend another day with a poorly functioning machine. Our readily-available repairmen are specializing in dealing with general and complicated issues. If there are some problems with electrical or gas units in your household, don`t waste a moment contacting us. From bad odor and leakages to broken motor, rely on us. There is neither too small nor too big work for us. Brands and models don`t matter. We take on every challenge and handle it in the most effective manner.

Service Area

Happy Valley

Pricing & quality. Don`t hurry purchasing new expensive machines or doing household chores on your own, invest in repair service instead. You deserve reliable and well-functioning appliances. We want to save your budget, time and hassle by preserving the best quality-price ratio in the country. Our workmanship works around the clock to meet clients` needs properly. Due to new tools and years of experience, our handymen are able to do the work double-quick in comparison with other services. In such a way, we keep the most competitive prices in Canada. Highly recommended technicians will ensure that you don’t incur any costly repairs.

Get in touch. For more details, please contact F.Q.A.R. team via phone or email today. Qualified help for a nominal fee is available at any time. Our local representatives in Schomberg strive to answer each phone call and message promptly, so you don`t need to wait hours. We`ll take care of your devices as soon as possible. Knowledgeable agents can provide you with accurate information regarding our repair services whenever required. Expert advice for free is guaranteed. Feel free to ask questions, we are looking forward to helping each of you. 



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F.Q.A.R. repairmen have the expertise to fix any problem 

True experts nearby. Whether it’s a dishwasher problem or troubles with any other appliance, F.Q.A.R. fixing company is ready to cover all residential needs in Nobleton, Ontario province. Our certified handymen make every effort to eliminate big and small disruptions in your daily life by servicing major household appliances efficiently. We stand behind each work ensuring the highest level of performance without compromising the safety. Entrust your dryer, washer and oven to local professionals and get them working in peak condition again. Clever options for conscious appliance owners can be found only here.

What can be fixed. Residents of Nobleton and its surrounding areas can have the following technical units back into operation again:

  • dishwasher;
  • washer;
  • dryer;
  • stove & oven;
  • fridge &

We serve all common makes and models. Forget about unpleasant smells, disturbing rattles and machine leaks. Our highly skilled agents are specializing in facets of installation, restore, review, maintenance and repair. They excel in eliminating dysfunctions of appliances saving home comfort for longer years to come.

Service Area

King City

Maintenance on daily basis. We, at F.Q.A.R. service station, understand how it`s frustrating and inconvenient when one of the favorite devices isn’t working properly. But we also have a solution that will match everyone. By scheduling a regular maintenance, you prevent possible breakages and costly repairs. Skilled technicians can come over from time to time and carry out an accurate diagnostic. You`ll be surprised with low rates and exclusive results. 

5 more reasons to choose us. First of all, out friendly staff in Nobleton is committed to serving clients with worry-free service. Secondly, our electricians and technicians are well-equipped for all types of work. Thirdly, we provide 24/7 support and react promptly in emergency situations. Moreover, we estimate the costs of repairs that are going to be in done in advance, so that no hidden fees and extra charges are likely to be found in the final bill. Finally, our workmanship carries out maintenance in any part of the town. Whether in your or our facilities, count on us.

Unbeatable pricing. Our price list remains among the most affordable throughout the country. We want to make professional repairs available for all Canadians and set reasonable prices for average citizens. So rest assured knowing that courteous specialists at F.Q.A.R. department can get your machines working in no time at competitive quotes.

Get in touch. Simply contact our friendly customer agents and let inform your regarding our services. We strive to answer every phone call; hence you won’t wait hours for a call back. From the moment you reached our company in Nobleton to find out the problem and provide a smart solution, your appliance becomes priority #1. Our readily-available handymen are looking forward to helping you. Numerous Canadians have already experienced our services. Check out it yourself too.



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Best solutions to appliance malfunctions 

F.Q.A.R. appliances fixing company. Our well-versed team of professional repairmen has eventually opened a new service station in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario province. The acute need of local population for high-quality and inexpensive repairs brought us here. One may ask: what makes it so special? The answer is evident.  We strive for offering services with the best quality-price-ration in the region. Our courteous agents work around the clock to ensure each Canadian with:

  • flexible scheduling;
  • favorable fixing conditions;
  • expert advice;
  • fair estimate;

Entrusting your appliances to professionals, you are guaranteed to enjoy a great number of advantages. Contact us via email or phone and we will set things right.

Dishwashers. Do you use you a dishwasher every day and cannot imagine a single evening without it? Then it must be very stressful for you to find your machine no longer operational. These days, dishwashers became an important appliance in almost every household. That`s why our F.Q.A.R. experts strongly recommend hiring a technician for regular maintenance. In such a way, you avoid costly fixing and unnecessary worries.

Stoves and ovens. With the help of stoves, cooking has never been easier. However, if they start acting up, preparing of meals requires more time and patient. We at F.Q.A.R. service department want to ensure enjoyable cooking. Our trained specialists have vast experience and know how to get your faulty unit up and running smoothly again. We`ll help you go through the oven fixing hassle-free.

Washers. If you don’t feel like taking clothes to the nearest laundry all the time, then entrust your machine to certified repairmen in Niagara-On-The-Lake. We are available for the same and next day service throughout the town including surround area. Our courteous can complete the job to your fully satisfaction whenever needed. And don`t worry about charges. Before any work begins, you’ll get a quote on maintenance job that is going to be carried out.

Fridges and freezers. Knowledgeable handymen can quickly diagnose your broken refrigerator and put up it promptly without affecting the first class quality. We won`t let poorly working appliances disrupt your entire household. Our washer experts are familiar with different types and brands of washing machines. From Dynasty to Kenmore and Amana, rely on us to install, maintain and repair your new and older fridges properly.

Dryers. If you’ve recently noticed any warn sign of dryer malfunctioning, get in touch with F.Q.A.R. appliances service station nearby. Each member of our committed team strives for providing the best service at competitive rates. We`ve seen just about every dryer problem – from general to more complicated – and are ready to take on any job. Your home comfort and safety are our main priorities.