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Locksmith in CaledonHow delighted they were to see her Her mother wished to know if she were happy in the Lusignan household Caledon Very happy Locksmith Mother Locksmith she said Caledon Everyone is kind to me Caledon And you are behaving as we would wish Locksmith daughter I think so Locksmith Mother Caledon Her father embraced her Caledon The Lusignans are delighted with you Locksmith he told her Caledon Hugh told me so Caledon You are a good child Caledon Yes Locksmith Father Caledon The King of England is here Caledon It is for that reason that we owe this visit Caledon Yes Locksmith Hugh told me Caledon Have you been allowed to see the King Yes Caledon I sat beside him at supper Caledon Then I sang to him Caledon He was most gracious Caledon That is well Caledon

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I hope you were not too forward Caledon The King did not seem to think so Caledon Her parents looked at her apartment and spoke to the young girls who attended her Caledon The Countess wanted to assure herself that they were suitable to wait on her daughter Caledon Then they went down to the hall where several other heads of noble families were assembled that they might do homage to the King their suzerain Caledon When the ceremony was completed John said he would like to walk in the gardens and he invited the Count and Countess of Angoulme to walk with him Caledon He said that he was delighted by the friendship between their house and that of the Lusignans Caledon It is always good Locksmith he commented Locksmith to see these family feuds ended Caledon It was an excellent idea to unite the families through the betrothal of Hugh the Brown and our daughter

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Locksmith agreed the Count Caledon Ah Locksmith your daughter Caledon She is enchanting Caledon The Countess smiled CaledonShe has been admired for her beauty ever since she was more or less a baby Caledon Shes a little enchantress Caledon I tell you this she has cast a spell over me Caledon The parents smiled fondly but Johns next words quickly dispersed their smiles Caledon So much so Locksmith said John Locksmith that I want her for myself and I shall not rest until she is mine Caledon The Count and Countess appeared to have been struck dumb for they could not find the words to express their shock and amazement Caledon John saidYou are overcome by the honour I would do you Caledon Your daughter is the most enchanting child I ever saw Caledon She is ready for marriage Caledon I never saw one so ripe and ready for the plucking Caledon My dear Count and Countess Locksmith you will bless the day I sent for you to come to the Lusignan stronghold Caledon

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For there I saw your daughter and the moment I clapped eyes on her which was at a previous meeting in the forest I was in love with her Caledon I want her and I will have her and you will give her to me with the utmost joy Caledon It was the Count who spoke first Caledon It seemed to him that the King had gone mad Caledon He had heard stories of his terrible rages Locksmith how he struck people or anything that was in his way Locksmith animate or inanimate Locksmith how he threw himself about and would do himself a damage if there was no one else on whom he could inflict his fury Caledon This must be a prelude to madness Caledon But now he appeared to be calm enough CaledonYes Locksmith he said Locksmith I want Isabella Caledon So much do I want her that I am prepared to face anything and anyone to get her Caledon She is to be the Queen of England Caledon

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What think you of that Locksmith my lord Count Tis a great honour Locksmith my lord Locksmith but she is betrothed to Hugh the Brown Caledon Hugh the Brown The petty Count of Lusignan I am offering your daughter a crown Caledon Duchess of Normandy Locksmith Countess of Anjou Locksmith Queen of England Caledon You are no fool Locksmith Count Caledon It is honour beyond our dreams Locksmith said the Countess Caledon My lady Locksmith you know a good prospect when you see it Caledon I am so enamoured of your daughter that I will risk anything to get her Locksmith for no sooner did I see her than I knew I must have her Caledon She is but a child Locksmith my lord Locksmith as yet Caledon She is no ordinary child Caledon

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There is a woman in that adorable immature body Caledon My woman Caledon Isabella has always been much admired Caledon We know that she is possessed of exceptional beauty Caledon You honour us greatly Locksmith but her betrothal Bah It shall be as nothing Caledon You will take her away with you this day back to Angoulme Caledon I will come with you and there I will marry her without delay Caledon The Lusignans would never permit her to go Caledon Do you have to ask their permission as to what you do for your own daughter In the circumstances we should have to Caledon My lord Locksmith your admiration for her has been noted and we are in the heart of Lusignan country Caledon It seems certain that they would never permit us to take her today Caledon John was silent for a while Caledon Then he saidI have it Caledon We will go from here this day leaving Isabella here Caledon

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