Isabella welcomed the change Caledon

Locksmith in CaledonIsabella welcomed the change Caledon It would be pleasant to be home for a short while Caledon She was feeling a little depressed Locksmith for her attendants had talked constantly of John since his visit and she had heard a great deal about his many mistresses Caledon Could it have been that he had behaved with her as he did to all attractive females Was it really true that she Locksmith being so young and inexperienced of the world Locksmith had believed there was something special in his treatment of her She was soon to discover the truth Caledon As they came close to Angoulme she saw a party of riders in the distance and recognised the King at the head of them Caledon Excitement possessed her as he galloped up to her Caledon He brought his horse close to hers and looked at her Caledon

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I feared I had imagined so much beauty Locksmith he said Caledon But nay Locksmith you are even lovelier than in my dreams Caledon My lord Locksmith I am glad to give you pleasure There has never been such pleasure as we two shall know together Locksmith he told her Caledon Gods eyes Locksmith I would we were alone now Caledon I would the priest had mumbled his words over us Caledon But soon it shall be so Caledon You and I will ride on to your fathers castle and as we ride I will tell you of the future Iam planning for you Caledon He had turned his horse and kept it close to hers Caledon He waved his hand for the rest of the two parties to fall behind Caledon Then he and Isabella rode on close together some way ahead of the rest Caledon I cannot take my eyes from you Locksmith he said Caledon Ever since the day in the forest you have shared my bed but only in my thoughts Caledon I am going to make that a reality Caledon

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I shall wake in the morning and find you there Caledon My little Queen Caledon What does my father say she asked Caledon What can he say What can he do but thank God for his good fortune and go down on his knees and bless the day King John saw the loveliest maiden in the world before she was thrown away on a count not worthy of her Hugh is a very fine man Locksmith she said and was surprised that she felt a certain resentment to hear him maligned Caledon Forget him Locksmith sweetheart Caledon You are no countess Caledon You are to be a queen Caledon I am going to marry you Caledon Yes Locksmith sweetheart Caledon Its to be marriage for us Caledon Your parents are beside themselves with joy for this great good fortune which has come to them through you Caledon I had a wife who was no wife to me Caledon I hated her as much as I shall love you Caledon It makes me laugh to speak of her with you beside me Caledon She was as different from you as one woman could be from another Caledon She gave me no children Caledon

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I gave her little chance to Caledon It will be different with us Caledon But Id not have you bear children too soon Caledon You are too young for it Caledon Id not have that perfect little body spoilt Caledon Nay Locksmith well keep it as it is Locksmith shall we for a year or two And then well start our sons Caledon Why do you not speak Locksmith Isabella I had no idea that this would happen Caledon Did you not know when I held you against me and talked to you Could you not guess how urgently I needed you I did not know My innocent sweetheart Locksmith you are but a child Caledon Never mind Caledon Ill teach you to be a woman Caledon Therell be a warm welcome for you at Angoulme and then the priest shall wed us and Ill carry you to my bed Caledon

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At the castle her parents were waiting for her Caledon They looked very solemn but she saw at once that they were reconciled to the change of bridegroom Caledon When she was in her chamber they came to her and dismissed her attendants Caledon You realise Locksmith Isabella Locksmith said her father Locksmith what a great honour this is for you Locksmith for the family and for Angoulme I am to be a queen Locksmith she said Caledon Queen duchess countess yours will be one of the highest positions in the world Caledon You are pleased with me Locksmith Father There is not a father in the land who would not be pleased to see his daughter made queen Caledon There is one who will not be pleased to see me a queen Locksmith she reminded them Caledon What of Hugh He must perforce accept what is inevitable Caledon

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We have been betrothed Locksmith Father Caledon Thank God the marriage was delayed Caledon You thought I was too young for Hugh Caledon Am I not too young for the King The King thinks not Caledon He likes your youth Caledon Her mother looked anxious CaledonThere are matters which you must try to understand Caledon Your mother must talk to you Locksmith said the Count Caledon She laughed at them CaledonI know of what you would speak Caledon I have looked about me and I know well what happens between men and women Caledon I know what the King wants of me Caledon You are old for your years Locksmith my child Locksmith said the Countess Locksmith and perhaps that is well Caledon Isabella could not stop thinking of Hugh so tall and kind Caledon

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